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In-Home Euthanasia

The decision to allow your pet to pass peacefully with assistance is very difficult no matter the situation, and I understand all the emotions that play a role in this decision – grief, guilt, sadness, relief, confusion and hopelessness. I am here to walk that path with you and offer guidance, support and love. The ability to help a pet cross the rainbow bridge is one of the hard things about my job, but, by doing so, in all cases I help end suffering. Our pets give us such unconditional love they deserve the best. Making the decision to let them go without extended suffering and pain is one way we can honor the bond they have with us. In-home euthanasia is an elite serice that allows your pet to be in their own comfortable environment with all of their favorite things, people and treats, and it reduces the anxiety surrounding the process for you and your sweet pet. I am happy to sit with you and your pet in their favorite location whether that be a closet, a living room or outside under a tree. The process is completely unique and customized so that I can ensure the most peaceful, pain free and graceful passing as possible. Aftercare services that include options for home burial or cremation with a very reputable company